Every entrepreneur should have the necessary training, support, knowledge and information that he needs in order to successfully run his business.

Our vision is to be the largest driver of entrepreneurship in Africa.

We aim to Directly impact 1,000 businesses and 10,000 entrepreneurs over the next 10 years by investing in entrepreneurs through providing valuable knowledge resources and tools, entrepreneurial training and  incubation.

Our Target Is an entrepreneur with a vision, a valid idea or an already existing product or service; who, with the right knowledge, information and know-how could launch or scale his business into a successful venture.

And at the heart of all this, is to facilitate the sharing of entrepreneurial and business knowledge across continents, create global connections and drive not just good business practices, but  also help build great businesses.

Join us , as we build the  largest network of entrepreneurs in the region and globally, who directly create economic opportunities, employment and wealth creation opportunities where they operate.