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5 Things Founding a Business Teaches You

1. You learn to manage expectations.The first mistake newbies to the business of running a business make is making promises to deliver things within very short deadlines – you’re eager to please and also to prove that you made the right choice by starting your

When Your Business Is In Trouble

You may at some point heard of  or seen  a business generate almost Kshs. 1 Million or more in revenue every month. Yet, the owner had problems paying office premises rent and suppliers and his staff. Some of the possibilities for this situation that include: Poor collections

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Is Failing

Here at StartupAcademy, we work with all kinds of entrepreneurs in different industries, of different types and personalities and from different regions. What we do see many times and are always in awe at, is the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyans. We are biashara people. Most Kenyans tend

Startup Lessons | Week 1

Running a business, especially one that is still at startup stage is at most like raising a baby – most don’t come with manuals. Neither do businesses. Being at startup stage means that you’re learning everything on the go, experimenting, tweaking, learning, adjusting and most importantly,

Inspiring Healthy Living

50 litres a day, that is what it took Sam to quit his job, and get into business. Earlier on, a colleague in their offices who ran a restaurant at Donholm estate, at the east of Nairobi, had asked him to be delivering 40 litres