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Startup Focus | Kitchen Kart

What is Kitchen Kart? Kitchen Kart is a food company that provides healthy meals for busy professionals. Our services include breakfast, lunch and dinner all delivered straight to your office or home. Kitchen Kart targets single people who find it an uphill task to always cook for themselves,

EatOut: The Company That Grew From a Hobby

Mikul Shah, a Nairobi based serial internet entrepreneur, earlier this year spoke to Startup Academy about a business that started as a hobby, how startups can increase their chances of attracting investors, why a business is a business, whether offline or online and why, for


Overcoming a Kenyan Challenge

  Starting a business is hard, but having to make a choice between starting a business and going after a continental position with a Silicon Valley giant is one of the hardest things one can ever be faced with. But there may be benefits in

Startup Culture

Are you a startup founder and you are struggling to create a culture for your startup? Here are simple ways of hacking it. By Alex Orenge for Red Cape Consult

Is Acquisition A Downfall For Startups?

Recently Facebook acquired WhatsApp and after two days the system was down for several hours, what really caused this? Was it due to new ownership or influx of new active users? Or maybe they were upgrading their platform or server? We can’t say this was