Give Your Business The Tools to Succeed

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1. Knowledge, Tools, Skills

Access to all the knowledge and tools that you need to transform your idea or innovation into a sustainable business: 

  • Case Studies Knowledge base: Learn through case studies of successful businesses that worked and those that failed and why.
  • Startup/Business SME Guides: that include How To’s, Handbooks and other resources to get a wealth of relevant information to guide you in your day to day business operations
  • SME Toolkit: includes manuals, downloadable templates and other specific tools across different business functions

2. Support

Access to professional and affordable business advisory services such as lawyers, accountants, raising financial capital experts and specific business needs consultants, all in one place, and at your service, whenever you need them.

Technological support:

  • Subsidized Access to devices your business needs such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Setting up your business online: website, logos, social media,cloud service
  • Outsourced IT Support: Fast internet, server space, outsourced business support, remote backup and disaster recovery, hardware purchasing

Professional Business Services Support:

  • Office Space: at an affordable rate with flexible leases (no leases), with electricity, internet, high quality printing and dedicated reception service, as well as access to a business resource center that exists to remove any bottlenecks you may have while running your business.
  • Business Support Services: Get access to a broad range of business services from screened companies and experts approved by the incubation team. These can assist in: financial planning, legal and HR advice, business setup and registration.

3. Training

The majority of entrepreneurs and their employees do not possess the necessary expertise or the professional networks to address the breadth of the functional needs of their business. Moreover, these services are not easily found in Africa…

Access to training in specific areas where you feel you need to develop strengths. Training can be individual, for your employees, or for everyone in the organization. You get to choose which classes, together with your business mentor or coach, that you need to focus on, and take the training at specific convenient times for you. Examples of trainings include:

  • analyzing your business model so you know what to focus on and what not to focus your limited resources on,
  • how to study the market in order to know what product or service to come up with that will provide the most value to the market, and thus, the most returns for you,
  • how to present convincing applications for funding,
  • how to protect your Intellectual Property
  • how to know who to hire, as well as
  • how to get your business started on the right legal footing

Why All This?

Because we understand that ‘factory-like’ business assistance doesn’t work. When you join, your business’s stage of development, current level of management expertise, through our FounderSkillAssessmentTM test, as well as business objectives are assessed first, so that you are best placed to take advantage of the numerous opportunities, skills and knowledge available to you through the business resource center at the Space.

We also deeply understand that having a platform where entrepreneurs (including young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs) can learn from experienced business owners,  leverage on the business support services and professional experts available, as well as where incubation happens naturally, is important for the success of your business.

It is about establishing initiatives that celebrate entrepreneurs’ successes, honours their journeys and encourages those who have failed, to rise again.

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