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5 thoughts on “Join Startup Academy”

  1. Farouq says:

    i heard about this program from a friend and i would like to know more and benefit from it



  2. Abu Okari says:

    Hi Farouq,

    We are happy to hear from you. We actually run several programmes aimed at different businesses. Our drive is to work with business owners, entrepreneurs and budding entrpreneurs to make their businesses successful. Kindly sign up with us through the sign up section of this website and fill in the requisite categories to enable us come up with ways to engage. Thank you.

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  5. Hillary Ambalwa says:

    hi guys, Just signed up, am setting up an audiovisual solutions company and honestly i have no business training or know how whatsoever am kinda lost in the intricacies of film making and visual aesthetics hence this looked like an awesome idea from the moment i stumbled onto your site. would love any and all relevant pointers including business/sme workshops and any help you guys offer, looking forward to hearing from you, thanks in advance.

    1. StartupAcademy says:

      Hi Hillary,

      Thanks for joining our community, great to have you on board. To help us help you out, could you fill this out It’ll help us understand your business, and where you might be facing gaps so we’re able to provide you with the right resources.

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